Services Available


Individual counseling/psychotherapy to children or adults may be recommended.

When working with children, parenting instruction or family therapy may be required to address the concerns about a child’s behavior.

Marital therapy is available to individuals who are seeking assistance in improving the quality of their marital relationships.

Structured group therapy for individuals with chemical dependency is available through “The Better Way” program under the direction of Dr. David Hardt.



Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations of children and adults as administered by psychologists are available.

Psychological evaluations are conducted to determine specific diagnoses that may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Emotional and/or personality disorders
  2. Memory/Dementia disorders
  3. Learning disorders
  4. Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorders

Psychological evaluations are also available to individuals who might be requesting the following:

  1. Placement (such as within an extended treatment facility)
  2. Clearance for licensure (such as nurses, physicians, police officers, etc.) within the state of Texas
  3. Assessments for medical treatments/ surgical procedures
  4. Dementia/Alzheimer’s assessments
  5. Assessments for participation in vocational/rehabilitation programs.

Neuropsychological assessments by Dr. Howe are available to clarify the neuropsychological functioning of children or adults, and guide expectations and potential restorative or remediation treatment programs available in the Central Texas area.



Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are available to participating organizations within the Central Texas area. The programs involve the Practitioners providing a fixed range of individual counseling sessions to employees and their family members. Also available within the EAP are presentations by Practitioners offering information addressing promotion of positive mental health within the workplace and within the employee’s respective lives.



The Practitioners are available to provide presentations focusing on a wide range of timely, relevant and practical mental health topics to community organizations.