The Better Way Program

The Better Way Program is an adult (18 and up) “Intensive Outpatient Program” for persons with problems with alcohol or other drugs. It is licensed by the State of Texas. It consists of 60 hours of therapy and education conducted by persons with masters or doctoral degrees, who are highly experienced in the areas of chemical dependency and abuse. The program has operated continuously since 1990. There is no charge for the initial interview and evaluation.

The emphasis of the program is to help people learn how to live without alcohol or other mind altering drugs. We teach total abstinence. If a person needs detoxification, we refer to the DePaul Center or Cenikor.

The “Better Way” Program meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5:45 PM to 7:45 PM 

Persons may enter at any time. We urge attendance at all sessions. It usually takes ten to eleven weeks to complete treatment.

It is most important that patients not drink or use any drugs or any medication other than that prescribed by a physician while in this program. If a member drinks or uses, we ask that they discuss this at the next meeting.

We very strongly recommend participation in A.A. or N.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous-Narcotics Anonymous i conjunction with this program. We know from years of experience that very few achieve long-term sobriety without involvement in these fine programs. We also suggest that family members participate in Alanon or Nar-Anon, as well as our Family Group.

Following completion of the basic, intensive outpatient program, participants are strongly encouraged to continue with our free Aftercare Program for at least one year. Call the Program Director, Dr. David Hardt at 254-776-0400 if you have any questions.